Professional Website Hosting  for the rest of us..

Welcome to Pier-point..

You are in the Right Place if you are ready for a professional website that you can  edit and control yourself. There is no need to be intimidated or confused.  You don't have to spend a fortune and you don't have to invest hundreds of hours learning the basic's.. We have a way to give you a jump start on all this, and you will be able to learn the rest at your own pace..

We call this service Website in a' Box.  Just like it sounds, you will have a website created for you that you can point others to right away.. This will be a 'custom made website', created just for you.  It will include:  a Home Page, an About Us page, a few Feature pages, and a Contact Us page.
(Up to 10 pages)

Your Site will be up and running and you will have a Respectable website that you can begin using right away...


Completely Set Up and Running smoothly..

with domain name newly regestered or transfered in,

with your personalized Custom made Template ,

with   you
   in complete control of editing,

with your first YEAR of hosting included ,

with  your  company email  all set up,

with a professional site editor ,

with ONE on ONE training ,

all set up and running ,

within 1 week ,

for   less  than a

cup of coffee

a  day..

No kidding..

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