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Simplicity begins with your website
. With this in mind we have devised an easy way for you to enter the world.wide.web.  

We call this Website in a' Box..

With this affordable service you will have a custom made template created for your Business. This template will be created in an easy to learn website editor (html website tool) and will be generated using your preferred color themes, with pictures that you provide. This Template will have a Home page, an About Us page, a few Feature pages and a Contact Us page. These pages will then be populated with relevant data for your Business. It will be a functioning website that you can point others to and begin using right away..

You will receive the same professional website editor that the Template was created in.  Three easy lessons (or maybe more) with ample support are included to help you learn this website editor. Your URL (web name) will be newly created or transferred in. One year of web-hosting is included in this package. (you will be hosted on a Slate Hosting package) Your custom email accounts will be set up and you will have access to these with a web based email tool.

Your website will be fully functional, up and running, and you will be in Full Control of this completed website.  Furthermore, you will be able to edit it yourselfWebsite in a' Box is just $289.00. There are NO additional charges.  After the first year (at your one year anniversary) you will be given the opportunity to go forward with an annual charge of $87.00. This will renew your Domain name and Hosting for another year.

Feel free to download the Information form and the Instruction page to get started.

You can always upgrade your Hosting platform at any time..

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 Website in a Box

We WILL get you into your website
Quickly, Easily and Affordably..

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